Odd anecdotes

Inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and innovation characterizes the company Quattroventi, a receptacle for the most varied ideas and interesting personalities, a crossroads for the most peculiar projects. Keeping on with the family woodworking tradition and passion born at the beginning of the 20th century, the company has strengthened thanks to some curious anecdotes, ambitious collaborations, acculturated creations and the necessity to make a dream come true; this dream, shared with many other entrepreneurs in those years, was to create their own specialized workshop. When visiting the firm, besides chairs and tables you will find small accurate elements for large yachts next to detailed, accurate sculptures: all these are united in the careful and alert spirit of somebody who has chosen experimentation as winning card. Each product results from studying the most particular wood species and balancing raw materials and final achievement: there you can read flexibility, experience and desire of knowledge, the only way to the customer’s greater satisfaction.